About Me

About Me

I’m Kshitij Purwar, a full stack developer in Delhi. At the end of my sophomore year, I dropped out (why?) of my college and began freelancing on Upwork. Later, I joined Hiver as a frontend engineer where I spent a little too much time hacking the Gmail UI.

In my free time, I am glued to youtube, watching new movie trailers, the daily show, Vox etc. I have been fascinated with computers for as long as I can remember and what better way to learn than building stuff. This blog is one such effort, it's built using open sorce ghost CMS, self hosted on AWS and managed by completely by me.

As much as I enjoy being a “Web” engineer, I crave to learn about Data science and Machine learning.

Life Skills

  • Solving a Rubik's cube in under 90 seconds
  • Making lists